Monday Night Bowling League

By Lou Waleff, Secretary

Well, another season is in the books, but plans are already under way for next season. We are planning to start on Monday, Sept. 19. We would love to have you join us. And bring a friend or neighbor, as Masonic membership is no longer a requirement. We bowl at 9:00 Mondays at Red Crown, on Sycamore St., near the Harrisburg Mall.
If the day of the week, or the time, 9:00 p.m. is the issue, please let me know at We are willing to consider other days or times as long as they fit within Red Crown’s schedule.
Here are the final weekly highlights and a summary of our roll-off:
Week 21 saw Don Kirkpatrick break 700 for his sixth time this year. He rolled a 259, a 248 and a 203 en route to a 710. Lou Waleff had a high game of 210.
Week 22 saw Lou Waleff set the pace with his sixth 600 set of the year. His high game, 277, was his highest score for the year. He also added a 211 as part of his 657 series. Don also cracked the 600 barrier, although that is not unusual for him. He only failed to break 600 three different weeks. This week his 641 featured a 268. And Don led the way during the final regular-season week, with a 632. He had games of 238 and 234.
Ed Holtzman won the second half and as a reminder, Don won the first half.
The roll-off featured all three bowlers for two games and then the top two faced off in a winner-take all championship game. Handicap was included in the scoring, so Ed Holtzman led the way in the two-game section. He rolled a 193 (246) and a 236 (290) for a net score of 533, Lou Waleff rolled a 150 (181) and 191 (228) for a net 415, which edged Don Kirkpatrick’s 173 (183) and 190 (200) and 383 scratch.
In the one-game final, Ed rolled a 183 (237) to defeat Lou who rolled a 178 (215) to claim the title. During the roll-off, Ed rolled a 611 set to earn the title. Congratulations, Ed!
And so another season comes to a close. We are looking forward to having you join us next season. And we are planning an even bigger fundraiser for MDA. Stay tuned!