Ranger Unit News
By John DeLack

Are you a Patriot? Have you ever wanted to carry the Flag of our Proud Nation? If so, The Ranger Unit is looking for you! Brethren, we need your help! As you know Forest #43’s Ranger Unit has a proud history, but as of late they have not been able to be active and they have made several pleas. In 2017 our own Forest’s Senior Deputy STC Mark Brumaghim will be installed as Supreme Tall Cedar – what better time than now to get the Ranger Unit up and running again. Mark is asking for our Forest to be able to participate in the Changing of Colors Ceremony and other activities during the 2017 Mid-Winter Conference as well as the 2017 Convention, so let’s not let him down. Not only is this a good reason to become active, but it will also add more chances for FUN, FROLICKERY, and FELLOWSHIP. So I implore you to contact me or our Grand Tall Cedar if you are interested in becoming a part of this unit.
My contact info is: John DeLack, (717) 526-8708, if I do not answer please leave a message and I will get back to you, or send me an email at jdelack75@gmail.com and I will promptly respond. The Grand Talls’ info can be found in the front of this edition of the Cedar Bark.
I want to thank you ahead of time and very much look forward to hearing from you.