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History Of Cedars Grove

A History of Cedars Grove

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By PGTC Robert W. Farver, Secretary

At the January Annual meeting of the Home Association, PSTC Harry Horgan, JDGTC James Walmer and Adam Klein were re-elected as six year term Directors of the Home Association.

Items of business were; #1 Discussion on the high cost of electricity, #2 the purchase of replacements of the of the now due CDs, #3 the painting of the shed, #4 the cleanliness of the floors. (Jack Ulsh proposed that we get a business person to redo all the floors which includes the kitchen and the restrooms. This was approved at a special meeting in February) #5 Request for spring and summer help is our, we work the grounds on the Wednesday morning of each week. Call George Judy if you are available. Phone – 939-5359. #6 Keys to the building are in big supply so if you have a key and don’t need it or want it, return it to Jack Ulsh. #7 they Home Association will buy an AD for the Pancake Jamboree placemats. #8 Our rental housing Manager, PSTC Bill Shultz stated that he has a number of bookings for the Grove. He stated that we have done well last year. He is always looking for persons interested in renting the facilities. Contact him for price and dates. #9 Finally, PGTC Ray Mosser reported that the whoopee pie sale was a success but we could have used more sales help.

Come out to our quarterly meetings. April 23, July 23 and October 21, 2015