Grand Tall Cedar

Junior Deputy GTC Picture

Acting Grand Tall Cedar

Robert D. Herman, Jr.

Grand Tall Cedar Message

Brother Tall Cedars and Ladies,

On March 30, 2015, Brother John D. Cook, District Deputy Grand Master of the Third Masonic District, informed Harrisburg Forest #43 that he had, that evening, accepted the resignation, with prejudice, of Robert Michael Couch, formerly of Eureka-West Shore Lodge No. 302.

After receiving this message, a special meeting of the remaining line Officers of Harrisburg Forest #43, along with PGTC and Past Scribe Wallace K. Rohrbach, was held to review the Forest’s By-Laws and address the steps needed to ensure the continuity of the Forest.

In Accordance with the By-Laws, I will be the Acting Grand Tall Cedar and Brother James O. Walmer will be the Acting Senior Deputy Grand Tall Cedar for the remainder of this year. On May 13, at the regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting, an Acting Junior Deputy Grand Tall Cedar will be elected to serve until the Annual Meeting in December, at which time line Officers for the ensuring Masonic year will be elected by the Membership.

As of this time, the only immediate change in plans to the events for this year is the cancellation of the three trips that were planned on June 20 to the Air Show in Latrobe; on August 29 which was a Mystery Trip and from October 24 through November 1 to Las Vegas. Members will be given due and timely notice of any other adjustments to the planned events for this year via the Cedar Bark.    

As to other business at hand, I would like to thank everyone for helping this year at our 57th Annual Pancake Jamboree.  I also hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the Anniversary Banquet.  Please see your Cedar Bark for more up and coming events and starting times.

As you look through your Cedar Bark you will see the advertisement for this year’s Junior/ Senior night on Saturday, May 16, 2015.   I hope that you can join us that night.  Brethren are you still carrying that petition with you in your pocket? I hope that you are because your Forest needs your help with bringing in new members.

Sincerely and Fraternally, Rob