Grand Tall Cedar

Frank, Eric 2014GTC

Grand Tall Cedar

Eric J. Frank 

Grand Tall Cedar Message

Brother Tall Cedars and Ladies,

Thanks to all who attended the Stated Meeting/Memorial Service. I really enjoyed the gift from Joyce Schrum. If you were unable to attend the meeting, she presented SDGTC Mike Couch and me with a portable stool. She pointed out that we will be able to reach the microphone a little easier now and we can be located at a distance since we will be about a foot taller. Thanks, Joyce for adding that Fun and Frolic into our Forest! I can now say that I am a TALLer TALL CEDAR.

Upcoming Dates:

The dates for the events are as follows:

Convention in Wildwood, NJ is May 8 to May 11, Jr./Sr. Night at the Clarion Inn is May 17, and the Sporting Clays Trap Shoot Fundraiser is on June 7 at the Hummelstown Field & Stream. The Camping/Picnic Overnight is June 14 to 15 at Cedars Grove, the Stated Meeting at Harrisburg Consistory is on June 18, and the Grand Tall Trip to Virginia Beach is June 19 to 24.

I encourage you to come and support our Senior and Junior Deputies at the upcoming Jr./ Sr. Night on May 17. I’m sure it will be a great function with lots of Fun, Frolic and Fellowship.

There is going to be pre-registration available for our first Sporting Clays Trap Shoot Fundraiser on June 7 this year. Come out and support the event. If you are interested in helping the day of the event, please contact me. I am looking for anyone who would like to volunteer to make this event a big success. There are many ways to help. So please join in.

The Camping/Picnic Overnight is something new for our forest. There will be storytellers, astronomers, ghost stories, and more. You can bring a dish to share or just come enjoy the fellowship. You do not need to stay overnight. You may even see the Grand Tall Cedar cooking!

As GTC, I look forward to meeting more of you when we see each other at the upcoming events of the Forest. Fraternally, Eric